Friday, 22 April 2011

Eminem's Rare/Very Personal Photos

REALLY rare/personal pics (140)
Even from 1970, even Ronnie's OPEN casket funeral

2nd marriage
Hailie (1 yr old)
2 years old, Marshall
LONG time ago with his grandparents
Really rare
After Hailie was born, things were rough. Fired from his job, evicted from his house, no money to buy anything or provide for his family. Gave up in Dec.1996 and tried suicide and failed
Age of 3
His mother
Eminem and Debbie (mother)
Eminem and Kim 1995 Christmas
Eminem and Kim trying to take care of new born Hailie, as they had no money, and was getting robbed every week.
Eminem, 6 months old with his grandmother
Kansas, Missouri-to Detroit, Michigan.
Eminem, Hailie, Debbie, Kim. First marriage.
Eminem, Kim, and Hailie.
His REAL father
Eminem's BASEMENT in Detroit.
Eminems tour bus.
One crashed.
Family friend J. R. Watkins, Eminem, Hailie.
1st marriage
Marshall and his grandmother
Super rare
Marshall and Hailie
His House
Photograph of Rap Superstar Eminem's old house in the Sterling heights area of Detroit. It is located across the street from a trailer park, he moved from this address because of " gawkers "
I was in heaven you know I mean this is a child, he’s going to get everything, he’s going to be so sheltered, so protected, loved, I was going to give him everything, and be the best mother in the world.”

-Debbie Mathers
His office in Detroit, inside his home
Kim, Eminem, Nate.
November, 1998
Really old
Debbie Mathers took her son, and the clothes that he was wearing, went on a train, and moved to Missouri. They had no money, and just like her family history, she was running away from physical abuse. They lived in a 1 room small apartment, and had nothing
Ronnie Dean Polkingharn, was Eminem’s uncle.
This club he went to, people started getting into fights, and laughing, telling him off to get off the stage.
Eminems father