Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fans Reaction on Eminem's Birthday

on oct 17th 2011
it was Eminem's 39th Birthday
when many big celebrities wished Eminem on
their twitter, and the loads of fan around the globe
also wished Eminem on twitter, facebook and
many social networks
here are few selected Comment from our fanpage
on facebook "Eminem FanClub"
Hope You'll find your comment in it..
Happy 39th Birthday Eminem ♥♥

Hi, Dear Marshall!!! Here's your birthday, at last! I would have liked to u send u a paper postcard and an apple cake, but i dont have your address!:-) So I only can wish u a marvellous birthday and other 1000 days like this!U must live for ever , u know! Anyway 39 years ago, a real Genious was born and u must remember this for ever! And dont think any more that your life has no sense! U're a special human being and a unique artist! Rap wouldn't be the same without you! You're the King , u know...Your music is amazing and your voice so beautiful!I also discovered that u 're an excellent designer; I would like to see your works. I dream to have a sign of yours with my name, that is Luciana not Giulia, but I know that is's so difficult! :( Will u come to back to Italy? Italians are not always as ignorant as that time in 2001, at Sanremo's Festival. I hope u will return..we miss u. Well, I really think u deserves all what u desire: love, respect artistic inspiration, friendship,health, success and even more!HAPPY kiss and take care! your italian fan Luciana
(Commented by Giulia Furlan)
your truly amazing with everything from infinite down to bad meets evil: Hell the sequeal i truly look up to you . Your my Inspiration i know that whenever i'm having a bad i can always count on his Music to cheer me up or make me think about what happened right before Eminem is truly my Number One Role-Model no one can ever take his place he is the King a rap weather you admit it or not he's truly one of a kind . If Eminem wasn't around i don't know what'd i'd do in my times of doubt, He truly has made many accomplistments through out his coureer and ovecome many struggles people still are trying to overcome today he gives people the strength to push through their ordeals knowing that there's hope through it all . Through Additction, through the Media picking on him Through his peronal relationships he's dealt with it all and still managed to come up on top and told al lthe haters " you Ain't nothing" . ♥ I Love You Marshall ♥
(Commented by "Lexie Jamie Fisher")
Happy early birthday Marshall, if it wasn't for your music then i wouldn't know how to be strong in my sad or bad moments, i wouldn't know what real rap was. you're my idol and i look up to you no matter what people say about you, i respect for your lyrics that are so real, for how strong you can be after everything you have gone through and for those slim shady songs that always get me laughing, you're my favorite rapper and singer, no matter what... Eminem fan forever; wish you the best with everything and to have a great birthday. even if you wont read this, i will be here to listen to your music forever, keep it up :) ♥
(Commented by Yadiraa Camargo)
This guy is amazing, he is my inspiration and I love his music. I look up to this man as if he is my Nigga! I hope he has a great day and realises how he can change peoples life.
Eminem is only human like all of us but his talent isnt! This guy goes to extreme lengths to make his fans happy!
I'm so proud of this man, from what he has gone through in his life being
hated, turned against by his own fans, doing drugs and to where he is now!
Comment by (Josh McAllister)
17.10.1972, a little baby was born, called Marshall Bruce Mathers lll. ♥
That baby turned out to be one of the most talented on earth. :')
He has given us amazing music, and in my opinion he will always be the best rapper and best artist to ever live
I just want to thank you for all the great music you have given us and I am looking forward to new music from you Eminem ♥
So Happy 39th Birthday
Marshall ! ♥ :') We love you ♥
(comment by Silje Jeanette Rypern )